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"I have always had the need to create, to share, to let people see and experience some of the wonderful secluded places as well as the not so secluded places I have seen during my lifetime. In my travels through most of the United States, parts of Canada and China, I have met and seen thousands of people. What a wonderful experience it has been. Many of the people, no matter what nationality, race, or age, whether senior citizens, middle aged, or young, especially the little whipers, have left me with wonderful impressions of what truly good people are like.

I have always tried to express my love of life through my paintings, I just hope I've succeeded. My God has given me a gift to share with anyone who enjoys looking at my images. I love color, and all nuances of colors. Color can make one feel many different emotions, whether it's sad, happy, lonesome, nostalgic, or even calm. Color creates shapes and can make objects come alive.

My inspiration comes at any moment day or night. In fact, many times I have awaken from dreams about a painting I had been working on and literally went to my studio in the middle of the night to paint.

The woods, the wildflowers, swamps, creeks, rivers, and lakes are diamonds to my minds eye. The birds singing and the animals one sees are unequaled in their grace, sound, and beauty and I thank God that he has given me the gift to share them with you."

Earl L. Robinette


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